Introduction to Mountaineering in Ecuador

Climbing mountains is to enjoy more than climbing to the summit, it´s the view, the people around you, the process it takes to get there, the moments with your friends, learn together and know that life is now to share.

The mountain has been for many years the main engine of my life, which has taught me most things. Going to the mountain is not only a summit climb, reaching the highest point, etc ..

This course provides a general introduction to the sport of mountain climbing, including one day of rock climbing and five days on Cayambe for a thorough introduction to glacier travel, crevasse rescue, self-arrest, and movement on snow and ice. The course culminates with a climb of Cayambe.

• Theoretical and practical aspects of mountaineering and its allied subjects, like Map reading, Navigation, Weather, Medical, Mountain Hygiene etc

• To teach the basic techniques of movement on rock, snow and ice

-Rock climbing techniques, nuts, sport climbing basics.
-Snow anchors, how to recognize crevasses, how to be in a rope team.
-Ice climbing with 2 tools, how to put an ice crew.

-How to work with a classic ice axes.
-Self-rest from a crevasse.

• To teach them how to make themselves comfortable and manage their health in the mountain environment.

• To toughen their bodies by increasing their resistance to cold, hunger and fatigue.