Intermediate Mountaineering

This course provides a thorough introduction to alpine rock climbing at a moderate standard. Take this course to raise your skills to the intermediate level while climbing a series of spectacular Andean summits such as Rucu Pichincha, Sincholagua, Iliniza Norte and Sur.

To take this course you need to have a moderate physical condition, and we’ll start with outputs on passing the 3hr walk, the idea of these outputs is to share more techniques which means going out to mountains more than a day, which can have rock and glacier equipment that we need to we carry, security tools, forecasting, plan B just in case.

The main thing about this course is that people feel safe in the mountain and so they can try out more adventures within and outside the country.

What you want to achieve is that after this’re ready to start dating to the mountain on your own, with friends and enjoy what we like to do with safety and technique, you’ll be able to manage in land PD-D mountains around the world, gaining experience every time.

  • Rescue methods, including construction of rescue anchors, raising systems, and lowering systems
  • Rock climbing, leading and swinging leads on mid-5th class rock, including: constructing belay anchors.
  • Ice climbing, leading and swinging leads on alpine ice up to 45 degrees, including: flat-footing and front-pointing crampon technique, using ice tools, placement of ice protection, including pickets and ice screws, construction and use of ice anchors for belaying.
  • Group Leadership, including trip planning and group dynamics