It has been almost 5 years since I am in charge of the presidency of the Ecuadorian Association of Mountain Guides ASEGUIM, and have been years of change, processes and growth for guiding and tourism in Ecuador. I am happy and proud to see every day the community of guides in Ecuador growing with the motivation to learn and be better professionals and how the work of the association with public institutions has contributed to improve the quality and formal work of our profession. Being part of the board of directors of the IFMGA, I am happy to be able to contribute to the community of guides at the international level in several ways, working in their channels of communication and contributing in the Commission of Access and Environment that recently has signed a letter of intention for the improvement of practices of mountain guides towards the environment around the world.

1 Guides are responsible for protecting the mountain environment.
2 Guides educate their clients on care and respect for nature.
3 Guides plan their excursions to reduce impacts to the environment.
4 Guides are responsible for removing waste from their excursions.
5 Guides are advocates of the history and culture of mountain life.
6 Guides minimize impact on flora and fauna, including wildlife.
7 Guides respect local traditions and ethics in all mountain regions.
8 Guides are role models for all mountain visitors in regards to stewardship.

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